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HEADLINE – Russia Elevates Warning About U.S. Missile Defense Shield Plan

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MOSCOW — Russia will deploy its own missiles if the United States moves forward with its plans for a missile-defense system in Europe, President Dmitri A. Medvedev warned on Wednesday.

“If you set up a system designed to shoot down missiles, we will target our missiles at those bases,” Mr. Medvedev said.

“We realize your system will shoot down our missiles, but that’s all we’ve got,” Medvedev added.



Nobody Loves the Red Skull

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Hello, I am the Red Skull. Welcome to my Lair.

I have everything.  I have evil minions.

I have weapons.

I have evil plans.

But I lack the most important thing a man can have.  I lack a good woman to share my life.


I’ve tried, but cannot find her.

Sometimes I regret ever choosing to become the Red Skull.


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